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"Sahaja Samrudha proudly proclaims to have motivated many towards the organic path"

Sahaja Family
Sahaja Broucher

Sahaja Samrudha or Bountiful Nature, a brainchild of a group of organic farmers was born over a decade ago mainly out of concern to protect our mother earth. Sahaja Samrudha started as a farmer initiated to exchange ideas, seeds and share knowledge on sustainable agriculture. The formation of Sahaja Samrudha was the culmination of their individual efforts into a more exciting and powerful force to make sustainable agriculture a way of life of the farming community. Sahaja Samrudha has spread out its network on publications, workshops & trainings, organising different melas and on marketing in order to encourage more farmers towards organic farming.
Seed Diveristy of Karnataka

Paddy Diveristy

700 Traditional paddy varieties conserved
8000 Farmers are networked
1500 acres cultivating paddy varieties

Millet Diversity

68 Traditional millet varieties conserved
300 farmers are networked
250 acres cultivating millet varieties

Objectives of Sahaja

  • To promote sustainable agriculture and create awareness on the need to conserve natural resources and traditional knowledge systems
  • To conduct on-farm research and standardize sustainable agriculture practices
  • To capacitate Farmers, Panchayat representatives, Non government organisations, Government Officials and Policy planners on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management
  • To assist in implementation of sustainable farming techniques to farmers and grassroots organizations, in the process of converting their land into organic farms,
  • To disseminate information, research outcome, knowledge and thought on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management through publications and audio/visual materials
  • To facilitate procurement, marketing and sales of organically produced products