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Red Rice Varieties

'Rice is life' to people throughout Asian. Rice is the cornerstone of our food system, culture, rituals and traditions. Many in the present generation are not aware of diversity of rice that we have. India had two lakh varieties of rice before Green Revolution.

Now only 30,000 varieties are there in our gene banks. Over the centuries, rice has shaped the cultures and dietary habits of people, both cultivators and consumers. Rice is the principal crop grown in India, and much of the crop is used to feed the domestic population. Indian farmers, over the centuries have selected and cultivated thousands of varieties of traditional rice.

Karnataka is blessed with a rich culinary heritage. It has a diversity of cuisines based on regional specialties and traditional dishes of each community. Regional food habits differ vastly depending on locally available ingredients; the result is a richly varied spread. Karnataka's cuisine is characterised by distinct textures, flavours and tastes. The state's vast culinary repertoire encompasses the earthy flavours of North Karnataka, the traditional fare of South Karnataka, the spicy dishes of the coastal region and the distinctive Kodava cuisine.

It has a diversity of rice cuisines based on regional specialties and traditional dishes of each rice variety. Besides rice having nutritional and medicinal benefits, the by-products of rice are equally important and beneficial. Despite its importance as a staple food, interest in its health benefits has only recently attracted attention. Laboratory studies have shown that rice products have anti-cancer properties and the potential to treat other conditions such as diabetes, kidney stones and heart disease.

Save Our Rice Campaign

Save Our Rice Campaign is a people's movement to protect traditional rice cultures and knowledges across Asia. Thanal is the main programme secretariat of Save our Rice Campaign and coordinates the campaign in South India, West Bengal and Orissa. It partners with CREATE (Tamil Nadu), Sahaja Samrudha (Karnataka), Living Farms (Orissa) and Save Our Rice-West Bengal (West Bengal).

Sahaja Samrudha coordinating the movement in Karnataka to revive traditional rice heritage through the on-farm conservation of rice diversity, participatory crop improvement, and the popularization of organic rice.


Medicinal Rice Varieties




Rice diversity mapping of Karnataka

Together with 30 other organizations including consumer and farmer groups, Sahaja Samrudha has built a movement that today includes 2000 rice-conservers and farmer-breeders from 20 districts, conserving more than 400 varieties of Scented, Medicinal, Deepwater, Saline-tolerant and Dry land rices.

Through an attempt to coordinate the "Save Our Rice Campaign", we intend to reach out to like-minded people - from farmers to consumers, policy makers to media and scientists to students - in the struggle to save rice systems. We invite you all to be a part of the network and work together for sustaining rice and our future.



Daily Rice Varieties


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Email: saveourrice@gmail.com